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TWG's Training Process

Step 1. Determine how you move

This is the ultimate entry point to all exercise and training programs.  Why GUESS what you need to do for a warm up to move better and reduce injuries when you can KNOW what to do.

The movement quality assessment will assess how efficiently and effectively your body moves

Step 2. Assessing your physical capabilities

The initial program assessment gives a starting point for your program.  A baseline is important when you are beginning a new exercise program or a new training phase. It provides you with:

  • Information on what to prioritize in your program, 
  • Guides you on exercise intensity levels that are specific for you 
  • Helps to hold you accountable for doing the program 
  • Provides motivation for improvement.  
Step 3. Buy a training program

Train with Grain brings together science, knowledge, and experience to deliver effective results driven programs.

My programs are simple and effective, they include links to my video channel so you can easily visualize the exercises.

Jump right into training with my online programs. All online programs come with a free assessment to measure your progress, or you can upgrade to the advanced version.

Have unique needs and want a tailored approach to your goals? Let’s discuss how I can create a custom training program directly for you. Seasoned professional athletes and newcomers are welcome.

Assessment’s are included for free with my training programs so you can properly measure your progress. An advanced assessment can also be bought as a stand-alone. This advanced assessment includes Power Testing, an interactive assessment requiring you to take videos of certain exercises. 


I have been training with Gina for over 5 years to improve my strength in general and be strong for triathlon . With her tailored programs , I have finished several half iron mans and 1 full iron man completely injury free . There are a lot of great strength coaches out there, but The reason I keep working With Gina is she is so enjoyable to work with . She is fun, positive and makes everyone feel special and important regardless of their fitness , age or goals . She also encourages you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond what you think you are capable of . Thanks Gina


I loved having the home program in April, I did every day (and felt the burn). Thanks Gina! My butt is definitely feeling the workouts, I’ve been adding runs as well. Even the kids joined me for run #1!


I feel the program has been a huge benefit since I know I should do weights and this has made it possible for me. I have tried alot of different weight training programs to try and spark my interest over the years and this one has finally done it for me. Great Job! It’s the lifestyle you’re about not the one night result. Thank you.

- Kim

I like that Gina's program had testing before and after. It kept me accountable because I knew I was going to get retested so I did it!!

- JPari

I never knew what strength training in the gym could do for me. my map on the bike has improved, my body feels better, and i can ski now with no back pain at the end of the day.

- Donna


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