Your COMPLETE 30 Day Home Workout Plan


Looking for a home fitness and strength program?  Don’t have weights? No problem.  Have weights? No problem. 
The package contains:
  • -Daily workout plan
  • -4x Bodyweight Challenge: 4 different challenges mix of cardio, strength and core
  • -2x BodyWeight Workouts: 30-45min workout consisting of 3-4 circuits
  • -8x Cardio Challenges: all different styles of circuits ranging from running to indoor bike to skipping, bodyweight workouts… get ready for a surprise!
  • -9x Running Challenges: this is not all running!!  Not a runner? No problem.  These workouts consist of 1min intervals mixing running or walking with body weight exercises.  Be ready to spice up your run or walking routine!
  • -2x strength training workouts: 4 days per week strength training workouts with weights if you have them at home, or if you go to a gym.  Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate options.  The workouts are short and sweet.
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This one month exercise program has you covered…EVERY DAY there is something to fill your boots.

A one month calendar gives you a workout that you simply click on the link and you will be directed to a private video of all the exercises in the workout.  The daily workout sheets are in the file.  You can simply print them out, click on the link and follow along.  There is so much in the package that you can use this program for months.


The one month program was so much fun.  It was very motivating to have it laid out in a calendar format. I liked the diversity of each days workout. My favorite was  Body workout #2. I was surprised how hard it was to do !

After 1 month of daily exercises I have noticed my mountain biking has improved. My upper body strength is much better and I am able to move the bike easier. I am finally filling in the muscles around my knee where there have been wrinkles since my knee injury 2 years ago. I can do 8 side planks with leg lift on my left side which I have never been able to do. I did some trail building this past week which involved carrying heavy buckets, shoveling and swinging a pick axe with no back pain the next day! Overall, I am feeling very strong.- Kelly

“I loved having the structure knowing that I’d do something everyday. It gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment for having stuck to my routine. Plus help to counter my stress baking. The exercises were easy to do at home with minimal or no equipment. It was nice they had links to videos so I could familiarize myself with the exercises before I started the routine. I printed the monthly schedule and exercise sheets so referenced the calendar and grabbed the appropriate sheet and got started.“- Lyndsay


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