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These running workouts are designed to help people who do not currently run…to run!  They can also be added to any running program as a “cross training” type workout to spice up your training.

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The basis behind the workouts is to encourage muscle activation around your glutes and core through bodyweight exercises that will help to relieve pressure on your joints.  Some of the workouts include lateral stability and running technique work to help balance out your muscles and movement.  There are 9 running challenges to choose from varying from running, body weight strength and activation work,  light plyometrics and running mechanics.  Choose the workouts that interest you on the day.  Incorporate one a week or more to augment your running program.

The history of how this program was made:

It was designed over the course of a summer of camping where the only form of exercising I had was running.  The problem was, I  couldn’t run for a long period of time because running hurts my knees.  So I figured if I could run for a minute and then do some bodyweight and activation exercises  I could mix it up a bit.   In doing this, I found that it truly activated my glutes such that it  took the pain away from my knees.  I continued on with making up new running routines to mix it up.  By the end of the summer I was running for 3km non stop with no pain.  Now I am up to 10km and doing triathlons!

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