Rev your engines


Rev your engines again!!
Thank you to those of you over the months who have been persistent at nudging me for an online zoom workout….it has taken this long to “come out of my shell” ;-)…who is in!??


Oct 13 Is a free session , join in before you buy !


WHEN: 6:30am- 7:15 Tuesday mornings. 45min class
WHERE: Zoom / Wherever you want at home
WHAT: We are going to focus on


  • Cleaning the cob webs out after a summer of repetitive motions,
  • Postural strength after months of desk zoom meetings ;-),
  • Strengthen stabilizing muscles,
  • Develop and work on efficient movement patterns,
  • Building a strong foundation on which to build more strength and power–whether that be through gym work, on the bike doing strength workouts, or hill repeats…? do people actually do that??!!! 😉
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First Session is FREE.  $132 + GST for 6 week commitment after the first session.  FREE session is next week Tuesday Oct 13.  The 6 week program will then run:

    • Oct 13 Free !
    • Oct 20
    • Oct 27
    • Nov 3
    • Nov 10
    • Nov 17
    • Nov 24

I have “invited” a small group of you, whom have either worked together in the past and/or with me either at the gym or through home programs.  I would like it to be similar to our monday night group at the gym with all women of similar mind and soul…:-).   Meaning, you all have been involved in some kind of training with me, and/or know of me, and/or if you are looking to improve, get stronger and feel better doing your sports and in every day life.

The sessions will be tailored towards fall training as we usually do.  The program will be complementary to work on strength and power for endurance athletes.  However, with winter activities just around the corner, we will train for x-training type activities as well like X-country skiing, downhill, snowshoe and pickleball.

I will be designing the sessions with real training in mind like we do at the gym.  Of course because of limited equipment I will provide alternatives to the exercises.  If you have a roller, weights and bands we will be using those.  If you don’t have those there will be a modification for that exercise.

Because this is new, we will begin with a sampler session to see if it fits for you and you like it, after that I would like to make it a 6week commitment group so that we can progress and TRAIN.


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