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Strength to provide the stability and to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a speedier recovery than my first. Contact me directly for a consultation.


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Upon learning I was pregnant with my second child, I shared with Gina that my plan was to focus on strength to provide the stability I needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a speedier recovery than my first.

Gina was clearly excited to be a pivotal part in this journey as she immediately began to adjust our sessions to accommodate for the change in fitness goals and needs. She took care to fastidiously create a progression for me that enabled a supportive core, a stable pelvis, as well as a strong upper body and legs.

The end result was a staggering improvement from my first pregnancy, and Gina ensured that I was always 100% safe and comfortable while achieving these results. She had care and patience when nausea kicked in, but never let me take it too easy; reminding me that there was still an athlete in me on occasion. Gina’s gregarious kind nature and genuine enthusiasm for helping people improve made it easy to hand over the reigns to my fitness needs during this pregnancy.

The third trimester proved to be a breeze, Gina had enabled me to have the strength and stability to take on chasing a toddler and maintain pelvic integrity [Better word here maybe]. I never waddled nor did I ever stop carrying my son. I was comfortably full term!

Though she made me work for it, Gina’s expertise, which is usually applied to performance and high calibre athletes, was a game changer for me. I highly recommend working with her through a pregnancy if you have the chance.


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