Glutes & Posture Training Camp Package


Sitting alot?  Zoom meetings? More indoor time? Less moving?

This 6 week strength training program will help to “re-educate” your glute muscles to fire correctly, as they often forget with alot of sitting and previous injuries.

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Body weight will be plenty.  If you have weights you can progress up to using them.  The program will indicate how many repetitions to do per week, accompanied by videos demonstrating every movement.  The videos will demonstrate one complete set of the program.

Get your glutes working for you and you will unleash the strength of your legs. As well, with sitting alot we tend to lose grip on our posture, resulting in a tight back and moving less efficiently. Work on this mobility and postural strengthening routine so that you can stand tall and breath well!

**This program does NOT require any equipment.**


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