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Cycling Strength Intermediate Programs

Buy all 3 phases for a complete package of 24 weeks of training. Build up your body’s capacity and power, all 3 phases are designed to work together on your path to improvement.

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If you are a cyclist, a properly designed strength training program will improve your cycling economy, endurance performance, intensity at lactate threshold and your anaerobic capacity. This can be done in as little as 8 weeks. These programs have been tested on athletes from beginner to Olympic levels seeing improvements in leg strength endurance and power with no increase in body weight which is always a concern for endurance athletes who do not need the extra body mass. These programs are to be done only 2x per week with each session lasting about 60min once you learn the routines. Quick and efficient you will be in and out of the gym in an hour and back on the road!

The intermediate phases are 8 weeks long each, for a total of 24 weeks.  Each program includes:

  • Leg strength and core/upper body strength testing
  • A warm-up targeting essential mobility, movement patterns, and muscle activation necessary to maximize outcomes of the workout
  • A strength and power capacity program including progressive exercises manipulating weight used, repetitions, sets etc week by week
  • A complete training package emailed to you including the gym program with YouTube videos linked to view exercise technique.

There is an option for advanced power testing where you will video certain movements and send me videos where i will analyze and assess your power output using an advanced sports science application.  You will find out your instantaneous power output, force, velocity and re-assess after the program.

Phase 2 will build on phase 1 offering a program more strength and power based. Here we maintain movement quality, mobility and core but dive deeper into your strength training pairing it with power exercises in a way that utilizes PAP or post activation potentiation. This is using a strength stimulus to potentiate or help create more power.

Phase 2 then leads into Phase 3 leading you into the final sprint where the roads and/ or trails await your new found fitness and power. You will use your phase 1 and phase 2 improvements to complete phase 3 focusing on a program that will translate your strength and power to the bike.

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