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My Approach

Why Assess? Initial program assessment gives a starting point for your program. A baseline is important when you are beginning a new exercise program or a new training phase. It provides you with:

Information on what to prioritize in your program

Guides you on intensity levels specific for you

Holds you accountable for doing the program

Provides motivation for improvement

tailored to your needs

Assessments are an important starting point for your training program and by repeating assessments you can better monitor your progress.

Train With Grain assessments can be done at home , they are included when you purchase a digital training program. You can also reach out to me for a 1:1 assessment in Vancouver, or alternatively an interactive session online. I also do group assessments.


Movement Quality -> Strength -> Power

How do I get Started?

All my training programs come with a free assessment

Purchase one of my training programs to go hand in hand with your assessment,  you can also buy an advanced assessment as a stand-alone product.


I provide personal assessment and training for individuals and groups. Please contact me so we can go over what’s best. Physical assessments done by me can also include using an Evolt 360 Bioscan machine.


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